On September 28 we launched the pilot in Barcelona together with the citizens.

In this session, the participants proposed research topics on the effects of pollution on respiratory health and mental health, and provided possible solutions to be implemented.

From this session and the answers to the city-wide online survey Everything you always wanted to know about air but were afraid to ask answered by more than 600 people, it was developed possible questions for research in Barcelona. For example, among the refined questions co-created with citizens are “Does air pollution affect stress levels or emotional state?”, “Does air pollution affect attention and productivity?” or “Using a protection mask for air pollution affects my performance when doing physical activity?”


Map on the left shows the results of the survey on the perception of citizens about air pollution in their neighborhoods. Map on the right, shows a study on air pollution by neighborhood in Barcelona.


The time has come to collectively decide the actual focus of the Barcelona CitieS-Health pilot. An online voting campaign has been launched to empower citizens to choose the issue to be investigated among what concerns them the most in relation to air pollution and health.

Do you live in Barcelona and want to be part of this exciting pilot? Vote here!