Here, in this video, we present the main Ljubljana CitieS-Health pilot project results. The data collection of this citizen science pilot project focussed on noise and health lasted for about 6 months. Around 65 volunteers (ages 9-67) signed-up and registered for the main study administered using the Ethicadata platform. Of these, 50 actively participated throughout the scheduled time.

In collaboration with one of the elementary schools in Ljubljana, a specific tailored study was designed with 25 participating students. In addition, numerous other related activities involving pupils and students from three primary and secondary schools, took place. In the course of the project lifetime, over 350 children participated in tailored group events organized (e.g. school nature and technical days), and four school research assignments were made in which 10 students participated. Throughout the process, feedback and process evaluation has been done, using questionnaires and other tools, that has enabled conduction of the evaluation in the last phase of the project.