Air pollution and pregnancyThe first exploratory session of the CitiesHealth pilot project in Barcelona was held on June 20th in the Parque de Investigación Biomédica de Barcelona (PRBB). The pilot project aims to understand the effects of air pollution in the health of different communities.

In this event was explained what the scientific community knows about the influence that air pollution can have on pregnancy. In addition, we had counted with the participation of different profiles related to pregnant women to formulate scientific questions of interest to the community.

“You can see the effects in short and long time in health of children measuring air pollution and health (e.g. lung function, cognitive capacity,…)”, explained XavierBasagaña, coordinator of the CitiesHealth project.

The Barcelona pilot actions will continue with a campaign to identify the affected communities and to work with them in the definition of the research question. This result will guide the scientific process to collect data and analyse the effects of air pollution in their health.